• Searching for your style

    For everything that is in motion

  • “a constant challenge”

    Customization and Elegance in every sector


    The present world is continually searching for individuality as a mark of distinction.

    Customizing our habitat and inventing the style that best represents us has become a necessity







  • StudioAutomotive is a brand of Studio Auriga that has served the textile industry since 1957

    Quality is the result of our experience




  • “Our concrete answer”

    Rapid Prototyping service


    Working in synergy with our team of experts

    we will give shape to your ideas, bringing them to life.

  • Lets talk about technology..

    The most advanced technology for manufacturing and finishing of leather.


    Stitching & Punching

    are combined in one machine for greater accuracy and a drastic reduction in production time and cost.

    Up to 9 colors

    The possibility of utilizing up to nine colors of thread in different weights within a single project.


    Working with diverse materials such as Leather, faux leather and multilayer fabrics.

    No more Dies

    With the aid of three punches controlled by the graphical software it is no longer necessary to make expensive dies for punching materials.

    Finished Product

    Punching, Stitching and Quilting are combined in a single machine without ever having to remove the product.

  • StudioAutomotive

    a brand

    Studio Auriga Srl

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